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A Parting Thought for Delhi’s
“Nirbhaya-Braveheart-Damini --A Gigantic Martyr”
Let us make Her Sacrifice Count

As 2013 sets onto our minds and mind-sets the bygone year leaves a bitter and chilling memory of how this Great Indian Nation was “Shamed like Never before”
I recall my face-book read on Saturday December 29th 2012 as follows:

“The Rapists and Dastardly Criminal Violators of the "Brave-Heart of Delhi"--Must go to Hell.....Right on Earth....Face Death like Situations Everyday of their Futile & Satanic lives that Raped, Maimed, Devastated, Tortured and Brutally Murdered our Dear Sister, Daughter and Youthful future of the Nation in this "Great Girl Soul and Martyr of India".

The “Scoundrel Politicians of India” (there are a Few sensible ones though) who care for none except themselves and their kins, Our “Super Corrupt Police Force”---Who Verbally & Emotionally Rape Women Victims Over n Over again post Crime--Traumatizing them inhumanly--Our “Sick Lower Courts” and its Samaritans who care a Fig for this Nation and its Constitution by Dereliction of their Duty---My Dear Indian Fellow-(Wo)Men--The list of “Those who have fallen from Grace in this "Moment of Truth & Charade of Justice" is Just endless and seems all pervading. Let us say Goodbye to this Worst Nightmare Faced by This Great nation of Ours in 2012. Lets Wake-Up to a New and Renewed 2013----Where the Sacrifice of this "Brave-heart Sister of Ours" results in a New Dawn for India's Parashakti --Its Women---Be it our Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Wives ----leading to a "New Androgynous India". Let's fight for the Rightful Place and Position of Our Women---Let the Young India Rise to this National Call......2013 be that Tipping Point----Permanently Curing and Positively Irreversible at that My Dear India-My Love-My Nation----India Brandished. Prof.A.G.Iyer & Family.

This was anyways not the first time something socially-dastard had occurred and was dealt with in this Cavalier fashion by the powers of the state.

Let us analyse what India’s Women want? Women do not want us "Men" to treat them as God....They Want treatment as an Equal---A Human Being----That’s All. The Problem with the argument made by a certain quarter that all this is due to embracing alien culture, Bollywood and Western Culture  is that "West" has no “Khap Panchayats" or "Taliban". These are the Creation and Genesis of this Indian Subcontinent. You talk about movies....Don’t We remember the Song Oye Oye...Oye Oh Oh Aah...from Tridev? How much problems this Song must have created for  Girls of that time...tremendous my Dear Readers. Many such things emanated from several bollywood songs....not because of Bollywood but the Way a “Young India” of that time (late 1987-1991) as well commodified Women....and it continues even as on date...Let us not Shoot the Messenger alone....It is a Mindset of Society against Women that is at the Core of this problem.

Our Women of today are expressing themselves more, as they Join us Economically as Co-Workers. My Staff in my Media Venture has majority Young Women and Men are few. These young people are upwardly mobile as they are living in a Freer Universe and Country than You and Me. I do not know How on Earth anyone can take it away from the Young...The fact is that at the New Delhi Protests for “Damini-Nirbhaya-Braveheart” Who Martyred her life, there were Young Guys equally at the fore as Gals. I saw a "Young India" demanding Justice. Don’t We think this is a revolution of Sorts?....Luckily they were not Led by Kejriwal or his ilk..The Protests were spontaneous and continue.

I will remind You my countrymen of the "Mehem" Kand in Haryana during my days of B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering Studies at REC Kurukshetra (Now NIT Kurukshetra) in Haryana. Those days Om Prakash Chautalas Son....Abhay was the same Guy whose goons had Raped/Molested the Village Women of Mehem in Haryana and murdered them....the Whole Village revolted and mind it "Parashakti...Read Women Braveherats of Mehem" made Mayhem as they retaliated and killed several "Haryana Police Cops" who were involved in Threatening all Women of Mehem with consequences of further Outraging their Modesty etal if they protested...Political Clout of Chautalas---Devi lal etc. behind the behaviour of police. This "Mehem Kand" was not followed-up and is buried in the police files in Haryana for convenience and that time the only TV Media was DD. If that had happened today, it would have been different with “Media expose  finishing off the political lives of these scoundrels”.

Our Current Commerce Minister Anand Sharma Molested Women Athletes during his Youth Congress Days (Now Reformed) All Forgotten? The Tandoor Kand happened in New Delh long-time back isnt it? Recently the Akali Dal had One of its Political Scoundrels shooting to death a Cop in Punjab who confronted his daughters Molesters. Also, in the safe haven of Maharashtra a Young Lad was murdered --gorily stabbed to death in the premises of his society compound as he protested eve-teasers on behalf of his resident girl colleague in Dombivli. Also, a few  months back an upcoming Ace Lawyer practicing in Bombay High Court----Pallavi Purkayastha was Raped &  Murdered by the Building Guard....A Kashmiri Muslim Youth in her Apartment at Andheri, Mumbai.---He wanted to Rape her because she wore sexy clothes in her premises....bizzare reason given for the Brutal Crime by Rapist to the court. Don’t You think Our Men have gone Sick in their Mind?

A Nation busy with "Female Infanticide" prevalent more across Northern India are a Cultural shock to Western and Southern India? So this type of thinking will divide us into North,South,East & West and further. As I know for sure that Delhi and most of North India was “Woman Unfriendly” then in the 1980s and 90s, and it is not much different Now except for the fact that it is in the Media Glare. But Overall.....an anti-Women Society exists in Most of Northern,Eastern,Central & Western India...with only majority of Southern India behaving differently (Recently Bangaloreans have seen such cases versus women including the rape and murder of Call Centre employee a couple of years back if my memory is right) .That is the blunt truth of the situation...Mahamari Phail Gayi Hai (The Plague has Spread)...

In 2006 , four members of the Bhotmange family belonging to the Dalit class were slaughtered in Khairlanji, a small village in Bhandara district in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. The women of the family, Surekha and Priyanka, were paraded naked in public, before being murdered.....The local police shielded the culprits and media didn't even bother to cover for the first few days ...On 14 July, the Nagpur bench of the High Court commuted the death penalty awarded to the six convicted to a 25-year rigorous imprisonment jail sentence. ....Is this not a mockery of justice.!...4 violent deaths and no death sentence for the convicts ...Bijal Doshi. a girl from Ahmedabad was brutally raped by her own fiancee and his friends on new year's eve in 2003..She committed suicide because of the apathy shown by police and doctors...Ajmer-based Dharmendra alias Karan Jain were awarded life imprisonment on June 21, 2008 for gang rape of Bijal. Seven other accused, who are facing charges for destroying the evidences, were acquitted... Now the main accused is all set to walk out of jail after spending eight years behind bars. He was given interim bail by the Supreme Court recently.
Are the girls who are raped, molested, assaulted etc. capable of going go to police? They are scared of being mentally raped over and over by all members of the society including Police, Powers that be,Defence Lawyers and members of Lower Judiciary, where the cases go first to the lower courts-- India’s most corrupt courts dispensing justice only to the powerful, moneyed, rich landlords, musclemen  and goons in connivance with local police and district authorities etal. In villages it is the Sarpanchs, Tehsildars, Landlords, Village Strongmen combine.

The Conviction rate of “Rape, Molestation and Assault on Women” cases is very low...They fight the Mind-set of a Society who Ostracize Them instead of the Criminal Rapists/Molesters

Recently Netas etal commented on Women Wearing Certain type of dress, Even a Woman Politician like Mamata Banerjee holding the CMs chair in West Bengal has been very unkind to a Rape Victim in Kolkata recently.Urban Women have been described by politicos time and again as a Cultural Misfit....it is a bloody "Talibani Psychology"....Do You want India to become like that?

Women must be free  to live life as they want in the New India .It can only happen if we rein in the Men.  Remember sage Vishwamitra who was seduced by Maneka but did not succumb (Gentleman Saint indeed). Even Ravana had kept Sitaji with utmost respect in his Palace as Mandodari, his wife kept morally reprimanding him for kidnapping Lord Rama's wife a “Dastardly Crime” done as a revenge for Lakshmana's angry attack on Shurpanakha his Sister by chopping off her nose when Rama, Lakshmana and Sita were in exile. So the Moral of the story is that "Even if a Woman comes in Front of You Without her Clothes...You have No License to Rape her Man".....Men Must be of Such Demeanour.....and that is the Culture of Restraint and Respect I want to see in my New India.

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