Friday, 16 May 2014

NaMo Tsunami Sweeps India’s Polls
As Fate, Destiny & People of India Place a record Mandate and Trust on this Humble Son of Mother India to Deliver Governance & Development . With 282 Seats it is Absolute Majority for BJP and Overwhelming Majority at 333 Seats for NDA. Eclipsed are those frustrating years 2004-2014 (April), When our “Great Motherland India”, “A Country of Lions and Lion –Hearted Citizens” was Led by a bunch of “DONKEYS” –Read Congress / UPA…..

Today on this Fateful 16th day of May 2014, Indian Nation Ushers into a New  “Era of Namonomics” as “India Shines” once again now, post Atal Behari Vajpayeeji’s Glorious years of India’s First Progressive March circa 1999-2004.

ENERTIA Asia’s Premier Journal on Sustainable Energy & Power recognised the phenomenal success of Narendrabhai Modi’s “Gujarat Model” 6-times in a row at “ENERTIA Awards” – India’s Awards for Sustainable Energy & Power ( Year 2008-2013) as India’s Top Energy & Power Infra Excellent State and “MARKENOMY Awards 2013” recognised Gujarat as India’s Most Investment Friendly & Infrastructure Excellent State.

"MARKENOMY" - Journal for Sustainable Infrastructure ---was First to Predict Narendra Modi as PM and NDA/BJP Win way back in August 2013 issue...See the Evidence below ....Rest of Indian Media TV and Print could only Fathom this until recently...So Who is the Media Leader ENERTIA &.MARKENOMY --Journals for Sustainable Infrastructure Economy ----for sure.....

Prof.A.G.Iyer, Editor–in-Chief & Publisher, ENERTIA; President, ENERTIA Foundation and Chairman of Jury, “ENERTIA Awards” & “MARKENOMY Awards” – 9223207245 /9029007245  and A.Prakash Iyer Executive Publisher & Editor, ENERTIA; VP & Secretary, ENERTIA Foundation & Convenor of Jury panel, “ENERTIA Awards” & “MARKENOMY Awards”  -- 09029077245 / 9029092223 or Subscription Department +91-251-6457245/6057245 / 6500533

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