Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Letter to Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi, Honourable Prime Minister of India & Pranab Mukherjee, Ho. President of India - Illegal removal of Shri. N Murugesan, Director General, Central Power Research Institute (CPRI)

Letter to  Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi, 
Honourable Prime Minister of India

Illegal removal of Shri. N Murugesan, Director GeneralCentral Power Research Institute (CPRI), owing to the ‘Whims & Fancies’ and ‘Un-Professional Approach & Meddling with Autonomous National Institutions by the Hon’ble Minister of State for PowerShri. Piyush Goyal, resulting in Constitutional Violations and Misuse of Power of Authority as follows:

  1. Article 77 of the Constitution, Clause 3 with regards to Jurisdiction of the said matter, only Competent Authority for the Appointment of DG – CPRI and his Removal or Replacement thereof being Appointment Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) – A Constitutional Body formed to exercise such PowersHon’ble Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Power, Coal, New and Renewable Energy & Mines, Shri. Piyush Goyal, stands in open violation of the same.
  2. Article 311 of Constitution stipulates that No Person who is a Member of a Civil Service of the Union or an All-India Service or a Civil Service of a State or holds a Civil Post under the Union or a State shall be Dismissed or Removed by an Authority Subordinate to that by which he was Appointed”Minister of State is Subordinate to ACCThe Power exercised by Minister of State is again Unconstitutional.
  3. Several other violations thereof including and not limited to the Article 14 of the Constitution of India 1949, which puts all Citizens to be equal in the eyes of the Law and that the “STATE shall not deny to any person equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws within the Territory of India, Prohibition of Discrimination, on the grounds of Religion, Race, Caste, Sex or Place of Birth” – a ‘Gross Violation of Criminal Nature’ as alleged by the Former DG - CPRI, for the treatment meted out to him in person by the Hon’ble Minister of State for Power (I/C).
  4. Abuse and Misuse of Position of Power thereof by the Hon’ble Minister of State for Power (I/C) and placing Falsified Reports via Junior Officer concocted and fabricated versus the DG – CPRI, Rank of Additional Secretary, as per the Government of India Presidential Orders thereof tantamount to “Criminal Defamation” on the matter vide ‘Ultra-Virus Reports’ concocted / hoisted and fabricated versus Former DG - CPRIShri. N. Murugesan, by the Offices of the Hon’ble Minister thereby the Minister violating all tenets of Decency, Dignity and Honour of his own position as Minister of State for Power, which stands vitiated.


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