Wednesday, 9 January 2013

9th January 2013

Dr. Manmohan Singh
Honourable Prime Minister of India
South Block Raisina Hill,
New Delhi, India – 110011.
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Dear Honourable Dr. Manmohan Singh ji,

Sub: Brutal attack and murder of Two Indian Jawans of the 13th Rajputana
        Rifles by the 29-Baloch Regiment of the Pakistan Army.

I write to you with utter pain and remorse on the gruesome murder of our brave jawans of the 13th Rajputana RiflesCruel beheading of one of them and brutal maiming of the other by the 29-Baloch Regiment, while parallely violating the “Line of Control (LOC)” across the Indo-Pakistan Border, as these brutes of the 29th Baloch Regiment of Pakistan came within 500 metres into Indian Territory at the Poonch Sector.

The very act of the 29-Baloch Regiment of Pakistan entering India Territory across “Line of Control (LOC)” smacks of a similar game plan of engaging India in escalation of conflict across the Kashmir valley, similar to Kargil that happened in 1999. Then the cause of the Kargil war was infiltration of Pakistani soldiers and ISI Sponsored Militants into positions on the Indian side of the “Line of Control (LOC)”, which serves as the de-facto border between India and Pakistan. During the initial stages of the Kargil war, Pakistan blamed the fighting entirely on Independent Kashmiri insurgents. But evidence left behind by casualties and later statements of the then Pakistani Prime Minister and the Chief of Army Staff showed clear involvement of Pakistani paramilitary forces led by General Arshad Rashid, in the conflict/War at Kargil.

The Development in Poonch sector of the brutal beheading of one of the soldiers and killing and maiming of the other is a repetition of the 1999 position. Also, the brutes of the 29th Baloch Regiment stole weaponry of the Kargil Martyrs (Indian Soldiers) as news comes in that they have injured one more of the total of the four Indian Soldiers who were ambushed near Sona Gali area close to the Indo-Pak

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Line of Control (LOC)”. The incident was reported to have happened at around
12.30 p.m. on Tuesday, 8th January 2013, in the Mendhar sector of Poonch district about 250 km north-west of Jammu. This is a very clear tactic of the Pakistani army to infiltrate militants under the cover of thick fog backed by  unrelented firing across LOC and  this forest area vitiating environment in India in Jammu & Kashmir especially the Kashmir valley, thereby aiming to carry out terrorist acts and attacks across other regions of India as well. A clear strategy of Pakistani Military engaging India within and without.

I request of you to once again stand-up and take  tough stand and actions to pre-empt Pakistan’s notorious design of destabilizing  the Indian Union and Republic. You must follow the strong positions taken by earlier Prime Ministers of India versus Pakistan including  Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri ji in 1962, Smt. Indira Gandhi ji in 1971 and Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji in 1999. India must immediately take the following steps :

1.    Call-off all diplomatic negotiations between India and Pakistan albeit keeping the dialogue open with a condition of first bringing the 26/11 chief culprits to book.

2.    Recall Indian Ambassador to Pakistan with immediate effect sighting 6th January event of brutal murder of Indian soldiers and 26/11 in action and   perpetual denials inspite of evidence contra to the same versus Pakistan.

3.    Escalate the issue of  killing and brutal beheading of our jawan across “International Diaspora” – especially at UN using the principles of Geneva Convention (IV) section-1, General Provisions under Article 147 definition of “Protected Persons”.  In this case the killing and gruesome murder by beheading of Indian soldiers, under the said Act Article 147 is  tantamount to “Willful Killing”, “Torture”, “Inhuman Treatment”, “Willfully causing great suffering”, “Serious injury to Body” etc which are the clear violations of the Geneva Convention Act 147 as the 13th Rajputana Rifles was performing its duty under civilian conditions (read non-war/ceasefire conditions) and on the Indian side of the Line of Control (LOC). However,

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even during war, meting out treatment of beheading and maiming /
damaging body parts and causing grievous injury is a “Clear Violation of
the War Convention and International Law pertaining to war times” and is a severe war-crime even in times of war. This brutal killing and beheading of the Indian soldier by the 29-Baloch Regiment by trespassing and violating into Indian territory in times of peace is the most dastardly act and in recent times - “Top order State Promoted Crime by Pakistan and its evil Armed Forces and ISI combine”.

4.    Stop all friendly stuff like cricket matches and other engagements including banning of all Pakistani Artists etc. entering Indian Territory – we should stop the stupidity like promoting open-ended Visa Regime as is done by the current Home Minister, Shri Sushilkumar Shinde who should immediately be directed by your PMO to take actions to stall all Easy Visa Regimes between India and Pakistan. Without Pakistan coming to terms with the fact that Jammu & Kashmir is an non-negotiable and integral part of India and India will have zero-tolerance to any claims from Pakistan for this territory, we cannot continue any sorts of dialogue with Pakistan. The accession of Jammu & Kashmir to India post Independence and formation of the Indian Republic in 1950 is irreversible, and this must be drilled into the minds of these eggheads of Pakistan. Our Key Ministries of Home, External Affairs and Defence must have this common pitch in any communication with Pakistan on the Kashmir issue.

5.    We should also put a stop on all such ideas in some of India’s leading Mass Media like “Aman ki Asha” promoted by the Times of India Group which is a complete hogwash. All sectors of society must isolate Pakistan and especially after the incident on Tuesday, 8th January 2013. Please remember that media in Pakistan at this point of time has acted in tandem with their Government and Military by diluting or not reporting this event of beheading of Indian soldiers at all, exposing the grand design and grand betrayal of Pakistani Army, its Talibani Public at Large, its pseudo-Socialists and artists etc. Pakistan has sent their own country to dogs and this “dog with rabies” is now attempting to bite India and Indians to spread the killer

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6.    disease. The sooner this “rabies infected dog” (read crooked & brutal Pak

7.    Regime)  may be taken care of in the right perspective and this  right time-is Now- it will be better.

8.    All Union Ministers including Shri Salman Khurshid have reacted very feebly to the cruel and belligerent act of Pakistan – latest in the series of skirmishes that have been reported by over the last year across the “Line of Control (LOC)” as this rogue state of Pakistan attempts to foment trouble across the Indian border and also promotes terrorism directed at India. Why forget the fact that Osama bin Laden, Worlds most terrorist and the tormentor of USA,  was sheltered by Pakistan until he was killed by the US Military, who raided his hide out within Pakistan and eliminated him. If Pakistan does not stop fomenting trouble and using POK as the locale for terrorist-training-camps, then we should quickly do a clinical strike across the POK to once-for-all settle the issue and this time we should not return POK, so that Pakistan does not engage India within its current territory across “Line of Control (LOC)”. Only such a step will force Pakistan to accept Line of Control (LOC) as a legal and official border and Pakistan will then stop ranting and harping on the Kashmir issue. We need to move to an “Offensive Strategy”, as our current “Defensive Strategy” has harmed us in the last decade or so as never before.

India looks upto You the Honourable PM of the country to act at this grave juncture, and you have your President to look upto, who will not flip an eyelid to lead an offensive against Pakistan – this rogue neighbour of India.

Jai Hind!!!!

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At 10 January 2013 at 09:12 , Blogger Menon said...

My dear professor:

Is this not a wasted effort as the PM who did not even issue a statement, a PM who did not depute a representative of his govt (not a low level flunkey) to attend the Martyers' funeral; a Prime Minister who did not declare a national mourning at this grave event will have the courtsy to read or respond to this missive?

I grieve for the India of this date and time.

At 27 January 2013 at 05:04 , Blogger ENERTIA said...

Dear Mr. Menon, I am attempting such representations in Gandhian Principles to render Dr.Manmohan Singh's Soul Active as presently it is Inactive. I have full faith that either he will act or REACT---which means some PMO cronies will get after people like US. That will be their Waterloo. They have been dealing with Minnows like Anna Hazare and Kejriwals. Let them Deal with My likes then INDIA will get the change it deserves.The Real Fighters like us are Yet to take Centre Stage and I am happy Skeptics like You ( who are important in the scheme of change ) will help in keeping our Efforts and Spirit in Top Gear. Jai Hind. Prof.A.G.Iyer


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